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Tremcast Review

WRAGGSTER - 4th December 2004

Buying the Treamcast

I live in England so buying from Hong Kong was a risky move for me but i decided to take the risk, i had already bought several items from Success HK and was quite happy to go ahead with buying one off them, the price for the Treamcast was $173 which is around £85 in my money so a very good price, infact the best i could find. The cost of delivery was in my opinion decent, $47 dollars (£23) for UPS to deliver it so not too bad so far and the 3/4 day delivery time made me very happy. Sad for me but customs got a hold of the parcel and i got charged £31 extra for taxes/handling so the first downer so far but overall the price was still decent and cheaper than anyone else.

Important Update

A company in the UK called GBAX also sell the Treamcast for a great price of £129 which is fantastic and they have a great name too, for those of you who are after a Treamcast.

The Treamcast was wrapped in a good sturdy box and inside lots of bubble wrap so in case of heavy handling it should be fine.

The Treamcast (pictures and small descriptions)

Heres the picture of the unopened Treamcast Bag .

As you can see the bag is quite compact but fits everything in quite well and is made rather well.

Treamcast Bag Opened

As you can see everything is all snugly fiited in, lets see what we have.

Treamcast Joypad

The joypad looks like a white version of the old Sega Megadrive joypads complete with turbo buttons.

Power Supply

The power supply can be used on 110/220v supplys.

VCD/MP3 Player

Video CD and MP3 Player with remote control.

Car adapter

Well made adapter but shortish lead.

2 Pin Travel Adapter

2 Pin travel adapter nice eh :)

Empty Treamcast Bag

The treamcast bag itself has the main compartment which the Treamcast fits in with 2 smaller side compartments for the other items and on the left hand side of the picture it has sleeves for games/cds to sit in.

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