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Dreamcast Promotional Products

Prophet][ - 27th November 2004

These products were mostly released at the Dreamcast's launch to help promote the Dreamcast. These are from Dreamcast History. The site has many more interesting promotional gear but I thought I would just share the hardware related ones.

Dreamcast Clock
This is a little clock with an alarm. Not much to it really.


Casio TV
Just your basic casio portable TV with a Dreamcast logo on it. Nothing special about, no add-ons to put a DC into it or anything. Not sure why Casio made this, they did not make any other hardware for Sega but still cool none the less.


CD Player
Aiwa made portable CD player in a transparent orange DC colour. Aiwa never made any other DC gear that I know of.


Dreamcast Calculator
A Small basic calculator with a flip down screen showing the DC logo when its down and the Sega logo when its up.


Dreamcast Mobile Phone Case
This is a mobile phone case, not sure what type of phone it was made for but it doesn't look like anything I've seen.


VMU Belt Holder
A couple of VMU holders. The idea is that these clip to your belt and you put your VMU in them so you can carry it around with you. Can't get much more geeky.


European / Australian Kiosk

Much more better looking than the US kiosk this sleek kiosk was in game and department stores all over over Australia and Europe.