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Fan LED Guide

Chris B - 17th July 2004

Equipment Needed:
•  Philips head screwdriver
•  Soldering iron
•  LED of any color that supports 3.3 volts
•  Power drill
•  Needle nose pliers
•  Wire Cutters
•  Electrical wire (18 22 mm gauge)
•  Female crimp connectors for wire sizes 18-22mm

I am not responsible of what you do with these directions, nor responsible for what it can do to your Dreamcast, controllers, or anything else that is in your possession.

1)  Remove any wires attached to your system, and remove any CDs/GDs that may be inside.

2)  Turn over the Dreamcast and remove the modem.

3)Unscrew the four screws that hold the top of the Dreamcast in place. (Make sure you keep all pieces removed hereafter in a safe place, as you will need them for re- assembly)

4) Turn over Dreamcast and lift off the top half of the Dreamcast shell.

5)Unscrew the two screws that connect the fan housing to the bottom half of the Dreamcast shell.

6) With the fan housing unscrewed, unscrew the two screws that hold the fan to the housing.

7) Ok now comes a series of drilling which depends on the size of the LED you have purchased (3mm, 5mm, 8mm, 10mm, etc.). You want to find a drill bit that is relatively close to the size of your LED but in fact a little smaller. Take your fan housing and flip it over so that the top is now facing the bottom. Place the topside of the housing onto a piece of wood, and make your first drill all the way through the topside of the housing. Test to see if your LED fits, and as you are drilling gradually increasing the size of the drill bit, you want to stop when the LED fits snuggly into the housing and allowing the lip of the LED to fit up against the housing. This next part is up to you, where my LED fit nice and snug I opted to not glue the LED, but if you want place a small bead of super glue on the lip of the LED to attach it to the housing.

8) With the LED in place, cut two lengths of wire that run from the position of the fan to the PSU board (where the 6 pins come up from the main board). Solder the wires to each end of the LED, and snip off the excess. At this point you can attach the wire one of two ways: permanent or semi permanent.

9)  Permanent Way : Solder the end of the positive wire to pin 1 and the negative end to either pin 3, 4, or 5, the pins labeled as GND on the PSU. I didn't do it this way because there is a possibility of dropping solder on to the board as you heat it up which could potentially destroy it and/or affect the workings of your DC in some way or another.

0) Semi Permanent Way: Put the other ends of the wires into male crimp connectors. You should notice a little circle in the metal connector and this is what you want to use as a guide point as you will be cutting the connector in half. I used a pair of needle nose pliers to cut the piece in half. Now just put these pieces we just fabricated and plug them in between where the pin and the PSU board connect.

11)  You're done! Before reassembling your Dreamcast plug it in and fire it up to see if your LED turns on. If it does, great re - assemble the DC and enjoy. If not, here is a list of possible problems:

•  Check solder points.
•  Check to see if wire is fully inserted into crimp connector.
•  Make sure you don't have pos. and neg. wires mixed. Either on PSU or the LED(s).
•  Check the LED itself with a battery to make sure it isn't blown out itself.