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Gallery #7


All the pictures in this gallery are from Ted who has also has work in other gallery's. He sent all these
pictures in and we thank him for sending them all. I can't offer an explaination of all the pictures but this is what
he had to say in the e-mail.

" I was going through some old files on my computer and found some more DC
stuff that I had dome a while back.  I thought that you might want some of it for
your site.

The pics labeled VMU a,b,c and d are of a VMU power mod.  I made a
replacement for the battery door that has a power jack hanging out of
it.  I then made a battery adapter and a AC wall adapter that plug in to it.

The document titled Adapting Controllers is a general description
of using the MadCatz as a host for other controllers.  The biggest
difference is the use of the analog stick.  The remainder of the
pictures attached to this message relate to this document."