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NES Controller on a DC

Synlor- 15th May 2004

Love playing NesterDC, but you miss the old, perfectly fitting, comfortable, square NES controller? Then this is the guide for you. This was my first ever Dreamcast mod, and I think it is one of the easiest.

V. 0.1 First document

  • Drill( Or a dremel tool could possibly work)Soldering IronSolderDesoldering toolNES ControllerOfficial Dreamcast Controller (A third party one would work, though some things may be differant.)9 or 15 pin serial or VGA cable, Male to FemalePhillips head screwdriver
  • Wire stripper

Disclaimer: I am not responsible of what you do with these directions, nor responsible for what it can do to your dreamcast, vmu, or anything else that is in your possession. Directions:
1) Flip your NES controller upside down, and remove the screws. Lift off the lid and take out the board, leaving the buttons in place.

2) There should be a black chip, with the numbers 4021 on it. Desolder as much as you possibly can on every single leg, but not to much as to rip of the wiring on the board. Pry the chip off.

3) Desolder all of the wires connected to the board.

4) On your cable (The 9 or 15 pin cable, I prefer the 15 pin cable because you can use it for an SNES controller then.) cut off the end about 7 inches (About 18 CM) from the female end. Set the female part aside, and strip the other section of cables end. Then strip every single wire on the part you just stripped. 5) In the holes marked below, that are left from the chip that you took out earlier, put one of the wires in each hole and solder them into place. (You may have to scrape up some of the film for the wires under the holes) Make sure to note which color goes to which button.
1 = Ground, 2 = Right, 3 = Left, 4 = Down, 5 = Up, 8 = A, 13 = Start, 14 = Select, 15 = B

6) Put your cable into place and close up your NES controller.
7) Flip your Dreamcast controller upside down, and remove the screws. Lift up the lid, and take out the board.

8) On the female end of the cable you cut earlier strip the end by about 3 inches (8 or so CM), then strip all the wires right where you just stripped. 9) Drill a hole wide enough for end of the cable to go through.

10) Scrape off the green film (but not to hard) in the spots circled below. (You only have to scrape the ones circled in blue if you are only doing the NES mod, but if you want to do an SNES controller mod too, then scrape the circled in red away, but remember you need to use a 15 pin cable.
11) Remember when you noted what color went to the correct button on the NES? Use that to know which wire to solder to the metal points you just scraped up. (You only have to do the ones circled in blue, the ones circled in red are for the SNES mod, and require that you use a vga cable. But if you don't plan on using an SNES controller anytime, then don't worry about it.)

12) Close up your Controller. Then hook up the female end hanging out of the dreamcast controller to the male end coming from the NES controller. Turn your Dreamcast on and test it!