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Tremcast Review

WRAGGSTER - 4th December 2004

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The Review Itself

The accessories bit

When opening the package i was impressed with the bag and the quality of it, everything was very well packaged inside. First thing i had to check was the power supply adapter and thankfully it works in the UK with the addition of a Shaver adapter (around 50p).

I got the system set up very quickly and then tried the power button, the power adapter itself had a fan built into it which wasnt too noisy although you could hear it.

The Joypad

The Treamcast joypad is a throwback to the old Sega Megadrive/Genesis style joypad and while it was ok to use i did find the directional control a bit clicky, so for me the original joypads are much more preferable add to that theres no where to put your VMU.

The VCD/MP3 Player

Well i read the packaging and it said it also supported Svcds too so i was quite excited to try this but it didnt work, the player kept on saying the controller (the IR receiver) wasnt there, so thats one bad tick from me and i will be emailing the supplier for a new Set ASAP, the remote control was ok and had the words Dream Movie on it and was good enough for the purpose, but until i can get a hold of a replacement unit i cant say if it does play VCD 2.0/MP3/ SVCD disks.

I would presume it plays VCD/MP3 but the SVCD is doubtful but lets wait and see.

The Treamcast

The Treamcast sounds just like the Original Dreamcast when using either Cds or GD Roms, it played everything i threw at it and that includes Commercial Games, Homebrew, Emulators, MP3 Players. The reading time was no less or more than an original Dreamcast.

The speakers played perfect throughout no crackling whatsoever, i was also surprised to see an AV port on the back of the Treamcast, so when you fancy big screen fun that is an option.

The Screen

The main reason to purchase the Treamcast was the reason to use it in a car or anywhere that has a power supply. (For example: When you are on holiday)

The TFT screen has a great picture and even on fast games it played very well, the one area i felt that it struggled on was games that were very Dark. It did play them but certainly not as good as i would have liked.

Treamcast Good or Bad

Ill do a Pro/Con thing then give my final viewpoint.


Portable Dreamcast (that iself is the great thing)

Playability in Car.


TFT Screen (great for bright/normal light games)


Good Sturdy Design


Clicky Joypads (might be a personal preference) and nowhere to install the VMU.

VCD/MP3/SVCD Player (didnt work)

TFT Screen (very dark games it struggles on)

Customs charges(bleh)


Would i recommend one?

The answer is a massive yes, apart from the commercial games there are loads of great emulators that you can play on this machine as well VCD players, MP3 Players and a multitude of Homebrew game ports, applications and self written games & demos. The problems are far outweighed by the good things and im looking forward to giving my Treamcast a lot of quality time. One thing ill say is important in who you buy from, i got mine from Success HK and they have a good reputation but others do not, so be careful.

Important Update

A company in the UK called GBAX also sell the Treamcast for a great price of £129 which is fantastic and they have a great name too, for those of you who are after a Treamcast.

Thanks for reading


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